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As part of our commitment to ensure that everyone can get the most out of SAP Anywhere we also have these resources available for you:

Release Notes:  New features are constantly being added to SAP Anywhere.  Click here for more information on what's been included in the latest releases.

Frequently Asked Questions:  Our FAQs have been built based on actual questions raised by users like you.  If there's a question you have, check here for the answer!

Customer Success Blog:  We have our Customer Success Blog that is regularly updated with articles which feature best practices for using and configuring SAP Anywhere along with general business practices.

Outreach Webinars:  Every month we host a free webinar session that anyone can attend.  These webinars will focus on how you can utilize features of Anywhere to advance your business and streamline your operations and will be helpful if you're just now implementing Anywhere or are an advanced user with lots of experience.  This page will list all of our upcoming sessions that you can register for as well as recordings of our past webinar sessions for you to view.

Mailing List:  You can click here to sign up for our mailing list.  These e-mails will feature links to new articles, tips and tricks, as well as invites to our regular webinars.

Glossary:  Have a question about a term used in SAP Anywhere?  This list will provide you with definitions for frequently used terms.